No need to Knead

No-knead pizza

Here’s a thing. A recipe for no-knead pizza dough from New York baker Jim Lahey who is renowned for his no-knead bread recipes. Now, to be honest I have not tried this technique which requires the dough to be left to prove for a long time (18 hours or so) at a constant room temperature. Partly I think, can I be really bothered to wait that long when pizza dough normally only takes 15 minutes or so of kneading anyway?  It’s hardly overly demanding! However, it is said that doughs made in this way have a deeper flavour (and better crumb and crust if you are making bread). I’m all in favour of slow food so maybe it’s worth a go.

Here’s the link to Jim’s recipe. What do you think?

Happy waiting.



3 thoughts on “No need to Knead

  1. Hi,Here my Rule of thumb recipe, use halt the water, 1/3 of the flour, 1/3 salt of what you always use, mix that (very fluid mix) and let it rest overnight in the fridge (covered) and be aware that the dough will grow like there is no tomorrow. At least 14 hrs later take the dough out, let it warm at room temperature then mix the rest of your recipe in the the starter, form your pralines (the small round boules you shape your pizza from) and handle as always. if you have good flour, you will never turn back to your old way of making pizza (or only if you are in a hurry.) This is basically the same way as you would make a Baguette (only that in a Baguette, I use 5-8% bean flour.

    If you need I can make a full recipe with flour and water measures, but I usually work by the eye (now all my baker colleagues are crying) a pizza dough is a very forgiving dough 🙂

    I hope that helps you guys!

    If anyone needs sour dough starters in the US, pls contact me. I have a killer Rye,San Frisco and standard wheat sour (even my wheat sours are really strong)

    For you guys in Europe, I am not sure the customs would be happy

  2. Simon, being a baker myself I can tell you one thing. You NEVER tasted real pizza if you dont let you dough rest enough.It develops tastes structure like you never tasted before.The proteins enzymes and all the other microbiological things in your flour make you normal dough into something like a weak sourdough.

    The poolish method the french bakers use is similar to the same as pain d’ epi.
    Try any of the two step methods and you will never turn back (if you have the time that is). I have recipies and everything if anyone needs them.

    • Well I will definitely give it a go now then Karsten thanks. I feel a taste test challenge coming on. If only the weather would improve here in the UK enough for me to fix up and fire-up my oven!

      It would be great if you would share a recipe with us all. I’d love to feature one on the blog if you like.

      Thanks again.


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