Meet Archie the Finnish Clay Oven

It’s amazing what can be achieved when a group of people with a shared passion come together.

Earlier this week Katharina posted a message on the blog to share the story of an amazing clay oven she and a group of friends have built in Finland.  They have christened him Archie!

Archie was built as part of a project called “5” which, in Katharina’s words is:

“to inspire thought about culture, identity, and the objects we consume, with a shared experience of eating. Food as an ephemeral product, consumed by our very own bodies, represents an everyday experience that connects people and memories. We are what we eat – so who are we?”

All good stuff I’m sure you’ll agree!  What I really love about this project though is the fact that most of the volunteers who came together to build the oven had never met before.  I believe that most of them had heard about the project through online social networks and decided to get involved out of curiosity and a shared passion for food and the issues of local food production/ food security.

The other astonishing thing is that the oven is built in a very urban area of Finland which goes to show that clay ovens have a place in cities as well as rural areas.

Katharina has pulled together a blog and uploaded lots of photos so please have a look, be inspired and send her and the team some clay oven love!

The Blog:
The photos:

Archie with his makers