Happy Pizza Oven Builders

Last month’s Delicious Magazine article has already motivated some folks to have a go at building their own ovens. You can see a couple of readers attempts in this follow-up article. 


Fantastic work. Anyone else built an oven recently that they’d like to share with us all? Drop me an email or pop-by the Facebook page and tell us all about it (and send some pics obviously!).

I hope you have all had a fabulous summer. Role on next year!



4 thoughts on “Happy Pizza Oven Builders

  1. i was just wondering why you don’t use vermiculite for the insulation layer mixed with the clay instead of wood chips? What about pearlite or pumice? Has anyone had any success with this in Canada?

  2. Hi. Simon, thanks for the message…..we didn’t even know we were on the website till we got your email. The cracks are mended, the oven is wrapped up tight and we are still ridiculously pleased with ourselves for actually building it…….even if we didn’t quite manage it in your time frame,
    Many thanks for the inspiration,
    The Sutton Family xx

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