Your Ovens Featured Part Two: Richard’s Oven in Cambridge, England.

Pizza Oven

Click for full-size

Richard Green built this incredible oven last summer which demonstrates how varied the designs can be. The use of an insulated layer, the lead work and then the outer layer of corrugated material are fabulous and add so much to the functional practicality of the oven. Awesome work Richard! Here’s what he had to say about it himself:

Obtaining the clay was an adventure. We went to Clayhaithe, north of Cambridge, which sounded like a good place to start. After a fruitless search for clay, I was sat by the river bank wondering what to do when a passing dredger stopped and pulled out half a ton of clay for me to fill my buckets. I weather-proofed it and added a bit more insulation. The only change with the next oven I make is that it will be bigger.
We’ve had great fun cooking pizzas, stews and all kinds of dishes. But on Boxing-day, we cooked a whole shoulder of pork for 25 people. It cooked for 14 hours and was magnificent.  Thanks for all the help.
Thanks for sharing Richard – she’s a beauty! I challenge anyone to look at the picture, below, of the pork roast and not drool – even vegans! Best wishes, Simon.

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