A Couple of Beauties!

This week I received a couple of emails from people who have recently built ovens.  They are both smashing examples and in dramatically disparate locations.  Have a look for yourself and be inspired. Finally, if you want to send photos of your own ovens in for me to feature on the site, I’d love to have ’em! Email me at: simon.brookes@gmail.com.

Happy eating.

Oven 1: Dave Savage from Colchester, UK.

Dave said:

“Attached are a couple of pictures of our finished oven – it’s brilliant and has provided us with hours of fun both in the build and usage! People have been fascinated by it – including the clay suppliers.

Your book is a terrific resource and has been invaluable. We may have gone ‘off-piste’ a little with the breeze block base and stove-paint on the final layer but both aspects seem to have worked very well, the latter goes a long way toward shower proofing, although we will build a ‘roof’ this week. The oven is busy cooking 2 joints for 9 people today – Father’s day Sunday lunch 😉 The results from it surpassed your descriptions – even if my pizza building skills are still developing.”

Oven 2: Philippe Huenermann from Kenya.

Twiri, Jona & Phil said:

“Greetings from Amboseli National Park in Kenya. We built the oven last year and most of the food at our bush camp is now coming from the oven.”