Clay Oven Building Course Follow-up


A huge thank you to all fifteen “students” who took part in the Clay Oven building course at The Sustainability Centre, nr Petersfield, on Sunday 27th. The weather was glorious and so was the company! I hope you all had a great day and look forward to seeing your own ovens on here very soon.

Do stay in touch!



7 thoughts on “Clay Oven Building Course Follow-up

  1. A year on from attending your course I’m well on the way to savouring fresh pizza! Last weekend I constructed first clay/sand layer. The weather has been quite damp and a crack has appeared about a third of the way down around the dome as the layer has finally begun drying out. I’ve plugged the crack with clay mixture. Will this be sufficient? To start puddling again would kill me!! Any thoughts?

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  4. Really enjoyed the course, thanks Simon.

    I didn’t quite get round to starting on Monday but I did source all the materials including as much free clay as I needed from a building site and as many free bottles to put in the base from the local pub!

    One question, I have picked up a potential chimney for the oven but I could only get a slightly curved one ( do you think it will effect the draw of the chimney or do you think it will be fine?

    Thanks again and I will let you know how I get on with building the oven!

    • Hi Jim

      It really was a pleasure – a lovely day! Good news about the clay and bottles. There will be envious clay oven builders reading that I’m sure! I think that chimney will work just fine- the curve is very gentle.

      Keep us posted.

      Best wishes

      PS I’m loving the pigs. Are they yours?

      • It was a lovely day wasn’t it; I saw the photo from your last course which didn’t look quite so sunny and hot! 🙂

        Thanks, I thought the chimney would probably be fine but didn’t fancy finding out it didn’t work after completing the oven! Will keep you posted.

        Yes the pigs are mine, we have 3 or 4 rare breed Oxford Sandy & Black pigs at a time. The pork and bacon is amazing, never eaten supermarket stuff since we got them.

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