Oven Building Course

Petersfield Sustainability Centre's Oven

The Oven at the Sustainability Centre

You'll be making one of these.

Last year I ran a one day clay oven building course at the Petersfield Sustainability Centre which is near my home in Hampshire, UK.  About 20 people turned-up on a beautiful, sunny, summers day and, under my supervision, constructed a clay oven like the one featured on this blog. The Sustainability Centre have their own, permanent oven on site, so for lunch all the participants made and cooked their own pizzas.  A fabulous day was had by all (even though I do say so myself!).


I’m pleased to say that I am running the course again this year on Saturday 18th June (2011).  If you’d like to come along, you can find more details on the Sustainability Centre’s website.  Here’s the link:


Maybe I’ll see you in June?