Exciting News and Things

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Coming Soon – The Garden Oven Cook Book

I want to reveal a few exciting things that are just over the horizon.

Firstly, I will be featured in an article in July’s addition of Delicious. Magazine – one of the UK’s top foodie mags. The article is a step by step guide on, you’ve guessed it, building outdoor garden ovens. Watch out for it in your local shops or download a copy: http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/

My second bit of exciting news is that I am about to publish a new book. It’ll be called The Garden Oven Cookbook and will contain lots of amazing recipes and tips for anyone who wants to cook incredible food in an outdoor oven. I’m hoping to get the book self-published, like my building guide, in July. Watch this space for more information.

Finally, I have been thinking for a while about selling outdoor oven related paraphernalia on my website; things like pizza peels, oven thermometers etc. I’m still thinking about it but would like to know your thoughts. If I do, I’ll definitely sell them for much cheaper than you can get them elsewhere. Let me know if you’d be interested by clicking on the poll below.



“How to Build A Traditional Wood-Fired Clay Oven” – the eBook (now in Kindle Store)

You can now download the full instructions for building this oven as a neat downloadable eBook.

The eBook is available for sale at the bargain price of £2.99 from my new super-duper website:


I am also excited to say that you can now download the book for your Kindle, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad directly from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Just follow the link below:


Enjoy the book and please leave comments to let me know what you think.

Best wishes and happy building.