Perfect Pizzas in a Sicilian Wood-fired Pizza Oven

I was lucky enough to holiday on the beautiful island of Sicily this August. Mrs B and I stayed in a gorgeous little villa (a casa) just outside the small town of Giaratana which is in the SE of the island. When we arrived I was doubly excited to find out that the casa had its own commercial, wood-fired pizza oven. So, when in Rome….I just had to fire it up to make some gorgeous crispy pizzas and I can tell you, I was not disappointed. The oven was fantastic and the pizzas sublime. I also filmed the whole process so here is that video. Buon Appetito!!


One thought on “Perfect Pizzas in a Sicilian Wood-fired Pizza Oven

  1. Hello, not sure if this is the correct place to post this comment, but has anyone ever tried using this produt ( instead of clay? Would it work and would it be very expensive? Just that from my observation, the biggest issue appears to be the fact that the ovens crack and also dont like rain…..
    I hope to build one soon and want to get it perfect !

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