“How to Build A Traditional Wood-Fired Clay Oven” – the eBook (now in Kindle Store)

You can now download the full instructions for building this oven as a neat downloadable eBook.

The eBook is available for sale at the bargain price of £2.99 from my new super-duper website:


I am also excited to say that you can now download the book for your Kindle, iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad directly from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Just follow the link below:


Enjoy the book and please leave comments to let me know what you think.

Best wishes and happy building.


20 thoughts on ““How to Build A Traditional Wood-Fired Clay Oven” – the eBook (now in Kindle Store)

  1. Hi Simon,
    I went to shop yard sales early this morning. I have no idea what you would call these personal sales in the UK, but they occur on weekends here at random homes and are a lot of fun. We simply drive around looking for signs which alert us to a home around this corner or that whose family is selling items for which they no longer have need. Among other treasures this weekend, I found a great, clay oven dish. I went online to gather more info on its use when I came across your site. It is now 6 pm in Fresno, California. I have been on your site the past 7 hours reading and studying just about everything on your site. As often as I have used the internet over the years, I have never been inspired to reply to anything online other than emails. What an incredible world you have introduced my family to. I can’t tell you how grateful we are, and we can’t wait to begin. Your fabulous clay oven ought to cure well here in the extreme heat of the San Joaquin Valley. We’ll let you know.
    Thanks again, Simon. It has truly been a treat!

    • Thanks Rosemary. I hope you have fun building an oven. Sat here in the UK, looking at the rain lashing down outside, I’m very envious of the thought of the lovely sunshine in the San Joaquin Valley!

  2. wow. it’s amazing that your book and this blog exist. it is incredibly detailed and helpful. I can’t wait to start on one except for the minor obstacle of needing to first purchase a house.

  3. Simon,
    You are a legend. Your website (including comments) and PDF eBook are great. They were my constant companions through my recent building project.

    I have documented the project here http://claypizzaoven.blogspot.com/

    Thank-you for all the tips! And helping me build up the courage to get started.


  4. dearest simon
    our last 4 weekends have been spent constructing the most fab clay oven! We have followed your instructions( almost! ) to the letter and all is good. We sourced some clay from a nearby forest which was good but the digging out and the wheeling of the barrow felled us all so it was off to the local pottery and purchased 3 bags of clay. We pummeled the clay with sand and made the first section. Monday morning came and full time jobs beckoned. Following weekend out came the clay ( and the sun!) and off we went. Second bag of clay mixed with straw and the oven grew in size again. The excitement grew and we wished away the next working week. Couldnt wait until saturday so friday saw the next section. Woke up this morning and the oven sits centre stage in the front garden of the cottage. Celebratory beers followed and bbq ( cant use oven yet waiting for drying process ) We are now sat frustratingly looking at it from window as storms brewing and all work stopped.
    So we thought it was an ideal opportunity to let you know how much we appreciated your site in the making of this most fan dabby oven. We could never have achieved it without your help.
    everyone should make one if only for the good fun we have had the last 4 weeks.
    Finished item will be photographed and we will send you pics. Once again thanks!
    NB: total cost of oven £30 plus about£200 for the beer and 4 broken backs!!!!!! worth every penny!!!!!!!
    liz dave dan sue

    • Fabulous Liz! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thanks very much for the kind comments. Email me a photo when you can and I’ll add it to the gallery.

      Best wishes


  5. Hi Simon,

    I have been reading your blog on and off for several months and find the info really useful. Now we have had a little sunshine up north I think I am going to take the plunge and build an oven, once I have acquired some more bits that is! My question is how hot does your oven get to the touch on the external surfaces?? The reason being to aid the final position of the oven to be.



    • The outside surface of the ovens reach a temperature that is still ok to touch. Remember that the heat that emanates from the chimney is hot hot hot though so avoid anything above that.

  6. Hello Simon,

    I just want to thank you for your great manual and blog. You have been our guru while we built a beautiful cob oven (nicknamed “Archie”) to a temporary construction site in Helsinki, Kalasatama. There are containers for all different sort of environmental and creative organisations, a graffiti wall, an urban guerilla garden in the neighbourhood. The oven is supposed to be used by everyone and to make people aware of lost bread culture and knowledge about how to do things themselves. We had the most amazing weekend ever with a group of international strangers who found themselves through social media on the internet. If interested, here are some photo galleries: http://picasaweb.google.de/105277324473045859094

    And my blog: 1234viisi.wordpress.com
    Archie’s blog will follow soon… 😉

    Thanks, Simon! It is amazing to find such nicely done manuals freely distributed on the internet! You’re certainly invited to bake and enjoy some bread or pizza in Helsinki with us!

    the cob oven tribe from Helsinki 😀

    • Wow Wow Wow – Archie looks wonderful! Amazing work and congratulations to the Helsinki clay-oven team. A really wonderful project and very much in line with why I wanted to produce this blog in the first place. I’d love to write a feature article about your project if you allow me to.

      Well done



    • Thanks for trying Sue. It seems to be working fine. You just need a PayPal account then you enter a donation amount, click “update totals”, login and away you go. Don’t worry though. 🙂

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